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One of the most important points of the state addiction treatment program in Florida is creating awareness in people on how to identify a case of substance abuse within their own families. The state program lays great emphasis on family intervention and makes no bones about how families can be most prominent institutions in bringing addicted persons to treatment. In fact, every rehab center in Florida provides a substance abuse counselor that can Drug Addiction Help Burlington KS 66839 coach families on how to go about planning an intervention program for people who have a substance abuse victim in their own homes. The main aspect of this part of the addiction treatment program in Florida is to effectively understand the signs and symptoms of the addiction in the person.

The most prominent part of this awareness campaign of the state addiction treatment program in Florida is the Seven Symptom of Drug Abuse, which Burlington KS 66839 is a means of identifying abuse problems in teenagers. The following are the Seven Symptoms of Drug Abuse in Teenagers.

1. The teenager shows a sudden deviation from their normal attendance and performance in their school or college,
2. The teenager shows an unexplained change in their physical appearance,
3. The teenager has inexplicable mood swings and displays an unpredictable response to situations,
4. The teenager becomes socially reticent and tends to stay secluded Drug Addiction Help Burlington KS 66839 even from family,
5. The teenager shirks responsibility,
6. The teenager shows erratic behavioral patterns and
7. The teenager becomes apathetic to the surroundings, not responsive to any changes that happen in their close vicinity.

If any of these seven potent symptoms occur with the teenager, then the state addiction treatment program in Florida insists that parents look into them deeply and try to figure out if anything is going wrong. There are counselor Burlington KS 66839 services available at various treatment centers. Appointments with them can be sought to determine if any of these problems are indicative of a larger problem and what kind of assistance can be rendered to the teenager in order to bring them out of this condition.

To help parents, the treatment program has delineated some particular symptoms for the kinds of addictions that are prevalent in the state of Florida. The following is a brief Burlington KS 66839 summary of these particular kinds of symptoms.

Heroin, Morphine, Codeine and Prescription Drug Dilaudid Abuse

These teenagers are likely to lose their sensitivity to stimulus such as pain. They might be constantly in a sedated state and feel euphoric and ecstatic without any apparent reason. Nausea and vomiting might also occur and they may have a persistent runny nose with watery eyes. Some of these teenagers might also experience itchiness in different parts of their Burlington KS 66839 body.

Methamphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine is an amphetamine. All amphetamines are known to produce the following kinds of symptoms. They can cause anxiety and a general loss of appetite. They can also make the person more irritable and slur while speaking. Mood changes can be felt.

Cocaine Abuse

These symptoms are too well-known. Cocaine produces a short term euphoria which comes without explanation (to people who do not know that the person is with an addiction) and goes Burlington KS 66839 away quickly. The subsidence of the euphoric feeling is following by an empty feeling of depression. The person might complain of a constricted feeling in the muscles and be extremely twitchy.

Marijuana Abuse

Teenagers who are abusing marijuana will likely have dilated pupils and will display problems of concentration. These teenagers are known to laugh without reason and will display unnaturally aggravated hunger. They will also not be able to coordinate their body organs effectively Burlington KS 66839 and will be generally clumsy, just as in the case of an alcohol addiction.

Hallucinogens Abuse

Hallucinogens are commonly abused in Florida among the teenagers. These teenagers will display several mental symptoms such as those of panic, anxiety and inexplicable fear bordering on paranoia. They will experience nausea and unpredictable mood swings.

These are excerpts from the information released to the public in order to determine the situation of a teenage substance abuse by the addiction Burlington KS 66839 treatment program in Florida. The intention is to make people aware that such problems can occur in their homes and if they do, it is up to them to bring about a solution for the same. The addiction treatment program also puts forth the methods that can be used to remedy these situations, which can be found on the state website of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

However, the state of Florida Burlington KS 66839 also has several private options for treatment which can be used. People are urged to make a good research on all these options before they decide to take any measures.

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